Fire Restoration

If you have had a fire, large or small, you can call on us. We will send out a qualified professional to determine the scope of services you will need to put you back to pre-loss condition. We know there is more to fire restoration than just property. There are people, too.

Any fire loss is a traumatic event that can leave building occupants bewildered, stressed and not sure which way to turn. ODR understands the emotional component of fire damage. Our team delivers compassionate and caring service, and will walk you through the entire process of getting life back to normal.

All fire losses also represent a wide variety of technical challenges depending on a number of variables. ODR is technically focused and has the experience and expertise to solve the many restoration challenges posed by a typical fire. Fires cause considerable damage to homes and their contents. Although it is important to take immediate action, appropriate cleaning methods must be implemented in order to prevent further damage.

Fire creates two types of smoke damage — the visible soot and the invisible odor. Because each fire is different, it is not possible to provide one set of guidelines for removing soot and odor. For example, smoke odor from wood could react differently to certain cleaning products than smoke odor from plastics. It is usually difficult for inexperienced home owners to remove soot and smoke odors without professional assistance or advice.

For Light Damage Fires

We will come into your home to clean and deodorize your structure and personal property. Our employees will handle your things with due care and a discriminating eye. We know that some things need specialized care and we work with qualified specialists and tradesmen to perform all necessary steps in your restoration project, in the right sequence.

For Heavy Damage Fires

We are prepared to inventory, pack, and remove your personal property from your home. We use a bar-code system to track your inventory from move out to move back. We will clean your contents at our facility and store them until you are ready to move back into your home. We will store your property in sealed vaults at our climate controlled, security-monitored warehouse, not a separate storage facility.

Mitigation Specialists

ODR specializes in mitigation. This means we do everything possible to restore damaged structure and contents rather than replace. We are experts at removing even the most difficult and persistent smoke odors as well as providing the kind of restorative cleaning required to return property and contents to pre-loss condition.

One-Call Project Coordination

Fire losses often require construction services. ODR has a number of strategic partners that understand and are highly experienced in terms of restoration work, have the proper insurance coverage and credentials, and are companies we have worked with for many years

When construction services are required, ODR can call in the necessary contractors and coordinate all activities. There’s no need to act as a “general contractor” when ODR is on the job.

Total Claim Accountability

Total Claim Accountability means that we provide clear, transparent documentation that details every aspect and action taken on a restoration project. You’ll be able to clearly understand the cause and extent of the problem, as well as every step that was taken to perform the restoration.

This comprehensive documentation also serves to demonstrate that the project was done correctly and completely. There’s never any question about what happened, when and why.

Accountability of Items

Our specialists at ODR are trained in the proper packing and moving techniques as the national moving companies. We also used modern technology to bar-code scan, photograph, and identify every belonging that we remove from your property. Our system creates a complete written inventory of the items that we bring in, complete with pictures.